Industry Sectors

Thanks to intuitive operation and the simple interface layout with its generic plug-ins, the Navigator can be used in diverse applications across all industries.
Branchen Hospital bigstock-Medical-Staff-Having-Discussio-41233939

Healthcare sector

Hospital Management, bed occupancy, Radiation therapy process optimaization

General Management bigstock-Business--meeting-in-an-offic-45341542

General Management

Visualisation of balanced scorecards or cockpit. Only relevant data is displayed.


Printing industry

data capture, production control, Quality control, production planning

Digitale Dokumentenverarbeitung bigstock-Business-Meeting-53789680

Digital document processing

data capture, production control, quality control, production planning

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Intralogistic solutions

data capture, product control, quality control, production planning


Transport companies

route planning and optimization, staff rostering, job scheduling