Environmental aspects

There is much to gain ecologically when Ferag’s conveyor, transport and processing systems ensure high production availability while achieving high efficiency in converting energy into productivity.

We take account of this requirement at a very early stage in the development and construction phase. Simulation software helps us determine the optimum design for components, systems and concepts. New material-flow methods and so-called processing conveyor technology enable unprecedented freedoms when choosing the line layout of a transport system. Intelligent inventions like roller supports reduce friction coefficients by a multiple factor and lower the loads on materials to a minimum. Ferag customers thus benefit from top quality in more ways than one; in addition to unsurpassed net output, best results are also achieved with the economical and efficient use of energy and consumables.

Further concrete environmental friendly measures:

  • We employ modern cold-plate technology to cool frequency converters. Compared with electrically driven blower systems, we therefore achieve noticeable savings in energy

  • Instead of pneumatic drives, we use servo motors. In the case of components that operate with a vacuum, the suction air is generated directly at the point of usage

  • Thanks to permanently lubricated ball-bearings and guide-rails, oil volumes requiring disposal remain minimal

  • A stand-by function automatically sets the drives of Ferag machines to hibernation mode when production is not running

  • Ferag production and logistic systems ensure a high level of ergonomics, thanks to effective sound insulation