The H-Board (Huddle Board) is a digitized board, which can be implemented as a communication tool by the employees of the hospital, and which would replace the classic white board currently used by many institutions around the world.

Information, which can be visualized on the H-Board is by all means versatile. It should be decided on a case-by-case basis, which information is needed and / or useful. The following listing offers a comprehensive overview:

  • Listing of goals, projects and accomplishment of such. This offers an overview of the currently running projects as well as super ordinated goals of the organisation

  • Quality indicators indicate challenging areas and may contribute to the improvement of the security of patients

  • Remarks given to the problematic areas offer employees
    the possibility to communicate misunderstandings, their grounds and as well as to come up with possible solutions to avoid such in the future

  • Performance indicators serve easier identification of problems without unnecessary internal rivalry or reproach

  • Possibility to add special events, such as guided tours,
    visits or trainings

  • Process visualization offers information about the current progress of planned activities

  • Division of tasks and responsibilities

  • General information

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