Compact vertical sorter brings even more flexibility in the second generation

Hinwil, Switzerland


Responding to numerous customer requests, Ferag has further refined the denisort compact vertical sorter presented at LogiMAT in the spring. For instance, the trays of this system, with its very compact basic design, can now be loaded with items weighing up to twelve kilograms. The software and control technology have also been updated, for example to support linking with automatic feeders. The new product highlight from the Swiss materials handling specialist is ideally suited for users in the e-commerce sector and in CEP services who are looking for a flexible and easily scalable sorting system.

Timely reaction to new market requirements with innovative solutions to meet customer wishes is one of Ferag’s strengths. The denisort compact vertical sorter shows a great example of this in action: development influences for the second generation came from numerous customer suggestions received by the Swiss materials handling specialist since the system made its LogiMAT début. So whereas the compact system was originally designed foremost for manual loading, it now combines perfectly with automatic feeders – as requested by half of the customer base who, as it transpired, were looking to deploy the system for incoming goods, returns management, cross-docking and shipping.

The newly implemented software platform offers additional communication capabilities that also makes it future-proof for Industry 4.0, as well as more flexible: now it is possible to assign a loaded item automatically to a particular chute (‘blind sorting’). The range also includes various enclosures tailored to individual customer needs for compliance with specific workplace safety requirements. Ferag has also optimized the two available tray sizes (450 × 380 millimetres and 650 × 450 millimetres) for handling any kind of polybag, sachet or parcel. Which is to say: the trays can accept items with widely varying geometries and hence practically every type of packaging, the sole limitation being a maximum loading weight of twelve kilograms. In any case, sorting performance is impressive: under optimal conditions, the system can process the contents of up to 8,640 trays per hour.

Just like the large denisort systems, denisort compact offers the benefits of tilt-tray and slide-tray sorters as an integrated solution. Ferag has designed the chutes at the feed-out points so that sorted goods slide out gently and undamaged, for problem-free handling of sensitive products such as electronic components and glass medicine vials. Thanks to a consistently modular system, the vertical sorter is both fast to set up and easy to scale. Customers can choose from the outset how many standard modules they want. And should the user’s needs grow, a denisort compact system can be extended with very little effort and any desired elements retrofitted at short notice.


Space-saving sorter: the second-generation denisort compact includes advances in software and loading weight (now 12 kilograms).


Proven denisort technology: the compact variant is predestined for sorting post and more.