Highly efficient solutions for intralogistics and goods distribution



With innovative systems such as deniway, denisort and Skyfall, Ferag AG has become established in intralogistics within the space of a few years. The Swiss family-owned company – which until 2014 had made a name for itself primarily as the global technology and market leader in the field of postpress processing – has thus succeeded in its goal of diversifying into becoming a material handling specialist. Groundbreaking products for the printing industry and direct advertising continue to be part of the portfolio. However, over a third of Ferag’s turnover now originates from complete solutions for goods distribution, in-house material flow and assembly automation.

Ferag is seen as a company with a global presence and recognized high innovation potential, both of which offered ideal conditions for rapidly gaining a foothold in the intra-logistics business. Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Hinwil in Switzerland’s Zürcher Oberland, the group sees its main area of expertise in the development and implementation of pioneering technical solutions. In doing so, the group brings to the table decades of experience in realizing and putting into action complex turnkey projects as the global technology leader in postpress processing systems. This is in addition to excellent product quality and typical Swiss precision, which ensures high availability and reliability of the systems and components throughout their life cycle.

Pouch sorter for fashion logistics and e-commerce.

Since its launch in 2014, the Skyfall overhead conveyor technology has proven the ideal solution when additional transportation space is required at floor level or when there is no more space available in an existing property. This highly efficient system is much more flexible than an ultra-light electric monorail system, which meant it was not surprise that it quickly found customers for the most varied applications, including as a pouch sorter for fashion logistics and e-commerce. The Swiss score here with stations for automatic loading and unloading of Skyfall pouches: this groundbreaking technology can fill and empty up to 2000 pouches per hour. The largest Skyfall project implemented by Ferag to date can be found in production logistics at the automotive supplier Dräxlmaier. This conveyor was realized in several installation phases in the Chinese city of Shenyang, and is used for the transportation and intermediate buffering of components for vehicle interiors. Here, more than 18,000 trolley hangers are used in the overhead buffer alone. This is combined with a gravity-driven stretch on which the hangers are driven by gravity alone – thus saving energy – that extends over more than five kilometres.

Conveying, sorting and order picking in one system

Launched three years ago, the denisort system integrates three functions into a single conveying line for the first time. These functions – conveying, sorting and order picking – can run in parallel and exactly in tandem with each other. The Ferag innovation also combines the benefits of tilt-tray and slide-tray sorters in a single system. Users – including Europe’s leading photo service provider CEWE – particularly appreciate the 3D capabilities of the Swiss technology, which makes the system the ideal solution for existing properties with limited space. Meanwhile, at the international ophthalmic optics manufacturer ZEISS Vision Care based in Aalen in the German territory of Württemberg, careful and gentle product handling is also of prime importance. After all, the spectacle lenses produced here must not be damaged when sorting during goods dispatch.

A completely new addition to the denisort line is the modular denisort compact vertical sorter. This mobile system is ideal for sorting goods weighing up to seven kilograms. Hence, it is perfect for CEP services, 3PL and e-commerce users looking for a sorting machine to increase throughput at peak times.


Manufacture of instrument panels in the automotive industry: the Skyfall system can be used in many assembly processes.


Skyfall in goods distribution at Stage Stores in the USA: the pouch sorter is ideal for the sorting and temporary storage of textile goods and fashion accessories.


Upside down on the return stretch: Ferag designed a denisort conveyor for CEWE that is a model example of the system’s 3D capability.


Clever design details: conically tapered side guides and permanently left-leaning trays allow particularly tight curve radii at ophthalmic optics manufacturer ZEISS.

Efficient interface between production and palletizer

In contrast, deniway plate chain conveyor technology is already considered a classic, having proven itself over many years in the printing industry before also gradually taking over sectors such as food, cosmetics, healthcare and e-commerce. Zalando, for example, disposes of used cartons via a deniway line. Other satisfied users include food giants Nestlé and Mondelez, plus Bisleri, Auchan and DHL, all of whom swear by the robust Ferag system. This is because deniway technology is unbeatable in one respect: it forms one of the most efficient interfaces between upstream production and palletizers currently available on the market.


For the past five years, mail order company Zalando has been using deniway conveyors to great effect for disposing of used cardboard in returns management.


Conveyor system spanning five floors in challenging urban surroundings at Indian mineral water bottler Bisleri.