Added efficiency for the distribution of shoes and other fashion products
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Added efficiency for the distribution of shoes and other fashion products


From spring 2020, a denisort line built by Swiss company Ferag AG will be taking over all the relevant sorting tasks in the new distribution centre at Shoebox in Budapest, Hungary. The line is 190 metres long, has 252 chutes arranged on two levels above each other to save space and is extremely energy efficient in operation as it only requires three drives. It will be used to sort 6,000 units per hour – primarily boxed shoes and accessories – as part of order fulfilment.

The central logistics site at the Hungarian distribution network Shoebox is nearing completion close to Budapest Airport. A denisort system is at the heart of the automatic sorting solution that will be implemented here. As seen in similar applications, this system ensures extremely precise sorting of products weighing up to 12 kilograms at comparatively low running costs. With a sorting performance of up to 6000 units per hour, the versatile system also allows for a significant improvement in the efficiency of the logistics processes at the trading company.

However, the good performance was not the only reason why the customer opted for Ferag technology. Thanks to the tilting tray sorter, Shoebox also retains a high level of flexibility when it comes to future expansion of the product range. The commercial group – which primarily distributes shoes and corresponding accessories (such as shoe polish) at present – can then also process other items like t-shirts, belts or matching clothing and accessories on the Ferag system without having to make any hardware adjustments. The 650 x 450 mm denisort trays with edges are able to transport a wide range of different products safely and discharge them gently to the corresponding chutes in the positions assigned by the system. The sorting trays are filled by hand at six workstations.

Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, the Ferag customer Shoebox is one of the leading shoe wholesalers and distributors in Central-Eastern Europe. The company operates in 7 EU countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Poland,  running it’s own retail chain “Office Shoes” and various Timberland stores with a total of 150+ doors (and still counting) in this region. Shoebox is the exclusive distributor for Caterpillar, Lacoste, Timberland, Polo Ralph Lauren, UGG, Palladium brands in most of the countries in it’s territory and also key account of another 40+ world famous footwear brands (like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Kline, Karl Lagerfeld, DKNY, Converse, Vans, etc). In addition to Budapest, the company – which employs over 1200 staff in it’s 7 EU countries – also has local offices and showrooms in Prague (CZ), Zagreb (HR) and Bucharest (RO). The company is active outside the EU as well (in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania) running the same “Office Shoes” retail concept of 50+ doors from it’s non-EU Headquarter located in Subotica, Serbia.