Development partnership for intelligent vehicles: Ferag and Quicktron
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Development partnership for intelligent vehicles: Ferag and Quicktron


Partnership agreement signed between Ferag AG & Quicktron Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. for the development of robotic solutions for autonomous driving and automatic material handling.

We are proud to announce that Ferag AG and Quicktron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd have signed and implemented a strategic development partnership to design and deliver innovative solutions for the intralogistics and graphic arts market on a global scale.

Quicktron is a world leader in the development, production and supply of state-of-the-art AGV and AMR vehicles with a complete range of products. Quicktron offers to well-known customers all over the world system solutions based on mobile robots, starting from the needs of the end user, through innovative and flexible industrial concepts with highly integrated hardware and software products.

For Ferag, this development partnership with Quicktron is a key part of the new strategy to expand its product portfolio and provide high-end solutions in addition to its role as a world leader in the production and integration of sorting and transport systems. The range of products will be launched as "Ferag Intelligent Vehicles" and includes automated solutions for the handling of shelves, mobile devices, pallets and basket of work without an operator. In suitable projects, this new product range will be combined with existing Ferag products (Denisort, Deniway, Easychain and Skyfall) into fully integrated solutions.

First joint project

Ferag and Quicktron have already implemented a mobile robot for air sanitization and disinfection at Florence airport, which is a driverless vehicle that deals with the disinfection process in a safe and ecological way. On the one hand, the UVC disinfection lamp with its radiation intensity cleans the surfaces and on the other hand the disinfectant is sprayed through the robot head for clean air. We point out that at the present time, these solutions in line with the current regulations on COVID-19 and are particularly suitable for the use in public places.

Leading intelligent warehouse logistics revolution

Founded in 2014, Quicktron is headquartered in Shanghai, China and has over 400 employees and is fast growing. Quicktron intelligent storage solutions drive progress through the use of mobile robots by offering innovative and flexible technical solutions for their customers all over the world. Quicktron's continuous investment in R&D is part of the growth strategy that contributed to the development of the Intelligent Vehicle range and created a fleet management software capable of controlling up to 1,000 Vehicles from a single control unit, a performance still unmatched, also in China. Numerous of well-known customers therefore rely on Quicktron Intelligent Vehicles in their automatic material handling process.