Israeli 3PL specialist Tapuz Delivery favoured Ferag system
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Israeli 3PL specialist Tapuz Delivery favoured Ferag system


Swiss-based Ferag AG is equipping the central distribution centre of Israeli logistics service provider Tapuz Delivery in Petah Tikva (Greater Tel Aviv-Jaffa) with a highly efficient Denisort sortation line. The modular system, designed for compactness, will have 270 tilting trays that can be tilted to either side and will serve 162 sorting destinations directly into roll cages. It will sort more than 5,000 units per hour - polybags as well as traditional parcels - as part of the order fulfilment process. Commissioning is planned for November 2021.

The highly flexible Denisort tilt tray sorter has already proven itself in many cases to be the ideal system for all logistical requirements in the e-commerce sector. Processes such as transporting, sorting and picking can be mapped in a continuous material flow across several levels. On top of that, the technology developed by Ferag is extremely low-maintenance, simply scalable and, thanks to its compact and flexible design, can even be used in existing buildings with limited space and can be extended with different options later on. It thus allows the highest performance in the tightest of spaces. 

It was precisely those aspects that were decisive for the Israeli 3PL specialist Tapuz to opt for the Ferag system. At the logistics service provider, which was founded in 1995, the e-commerce share has increased so much - partly due to Corona - that the company, which offers "same day delivery" among other things, can no longer manage without the powerful and fast sorter from Switzerland. The  robust construction and high quality of the Denisort line, were important parameters in the decision of Tapuz Delivery as they are working 24 hours a day. The new sorter destined for the Israeli company's main base in Petah Tikva (Greater Tel Aviv-Jaffa), will have a significant reduction of the manual tasks to process both classic parcels and polybags weighing up to 12 kilograms. The sysem will have a total length of 95 metres. Its manually loadable sorting trays in the 650 x 525 millimetre format can target 162 sorting destinations at a speed of one metre per second.