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Step into the future of intralogistics with our state-of-the-art Unified Control System (UCS), ferag.doWarehouse where innovation, efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendliness converge to elevate your warehouse operations. Our UCS is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) rolled into one. By taking a holistic approach, doWarehouse provides a complete 360-degree view of your orders while delivering unparalleled support of both your hardware and software systems and streamlining every aspect of warehouse operations.

Putting Your Needs First

ferag.doWarehouse understands and meets the needs of warehouse operations staff. We've designed this system from your perspective, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow without the need for you to adapt to the software. This user-centric approach allows you to focus on your core tasks, knowing that our system takes care of the rest.

Here's how your business will benefit:

  • Streamlined Operations and Time Savings: The comprehensive information hub provides a single source of truth, acting as a centralised repository for all your warehouse data, hardware, and software. With a unified user management system, a single point of access, one interface, and all your data in one place, you can streamline your operations. You no longer need to run multiple reports or go into disparate systems to see what is happening in the warehouse. One system covers the entire warehouse.
  • Maintain Efficiency, Dynamic Adaptability and Cost Savings: Unlike other systems that force you to conform your processes to their framework, we understand that you may need to refine your processes over time to keep up with changing business demands. With doWarehouse, you have the flexibility to seamlessly configure your existing processes. During implementation, this often leads to greater user acceptance of the new system. Furthermore, once the system is in place, your users have the autonomy to make real-time process adjustments, ensuring operational agility without relying on the software vendor for coding changes, saving you significant time and money. In addition, this agility ensures that your operations can respond swiftly to changing business demands or unexpected challenges, improving overall responsiveness.
  • Hardware flexibility, scalability and future-proofing: We excel in hardware compatibility by managing various automation hardware types. Unlike traditional systems that dictate a specific hardware vendor, doWarehouse allows you to choose the right hardware that suits your environment, freeing you from vendor lock-ins. As your business grows or changes, you can easily scale and upgrade your hardware components without being bound to a specific vendor's offerings. Technology evolves rapidly, and being locked into a single vendor's hardware can limit your ability to adopt the latest innovations. With doWarehouse's hardware agnosticism, you can future-proof your operations by choosing hardware that aligns with your long-term strategic goals, rather than limiting your choice based on your vendor.
  • Continuous Process Improvement, Cost Optimisation, Resource Efficiency: doWarehouse conducts real-time cost evaluations of each resource, empowering you to identify and manage inefficient processes and continually improve. You can identify bottlenecks, redundancies, or underutilised resources and implement changes to enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.
  • Cost Reduction and Increased Throughput: The ability to view and change all warehouse processes in one place, enables fine tuning of operations to achieve cost savings while boosting your throughput. You can therefore process more orders more efficiently within a reduced footprint.
  • Tailored for 3rd Party Logistics: We offer specialised benefits for 3rd party logistics providers:
    • Space Utilisation Maximisation: Our system empowers you to maximise warehouse space utilisation, effectively accommodating more customers by breaking free from fixed warehouse spaces.
    • Competitive Edge: Our integrated customer portal connects seamlessly with carriers, allowing 3rd party logistics customers to access their stock, make decisions regarding stock changes (e.g., handling breakages), and monitor inbound and outbound processing, providing 3rd party logistics companies an edge over their competitors.

Exclusive Features You Won't Find Elsewhere:

  • One Stop Shop: Simplify support with doWarehouse as your exclusive vendor for first-level support. Enjoy the convenience of one phone number, one email address, and one service level agreement for all your support needs.
  • Traceability: Gain deep insights into every aspect of your warehouse activities. doWarehouse meticulously captures the cost and time associated with each operation, enabling comprehensive cost and resource reporting. Easily track the duration and cost of people, orders, machinery, stock, processes, or any warehouse resource. Armed with this data, you can make cost-effective process adjustments with confidence on the fly, eliminating the need for lengthy and costly software changes.
  • User Configurability: Empower your team to make real-time process adjustments within doWarehouse. Say goodbye to rigid systems that force you to return to the software vendor for process flow changes. Our user-friendly configurability feature saves significant time and money, making process adjustments a breeze.
  • Smart Sortation Management: Simplify sortation planning with support for multiple sort setups and strategies within doWarehouse.
  • Smart Waving: Optimise wave planning effortlessly with our smart waving feature, which dynamically adjusts based on available warehouse capacity, resulting in enhanced overall productivity.
  • Customer Portal for 3rd Party Logistics: Elevate your customer experience with our integrated portal, designed to empower customers of 3rd party logistics providers. Our portal offers more than just standard functionalities, it's a game-changer in the industry. Customers can independently troubleshoot and resolve issues, such as breakages or the swift correction of an invalid order address, directly through the customer portal. But that's not all. Our robust customer portal goes beyond issue resolution. It enables 3rd party logistics customers to take charge of their operations with the ability to run reports, access order information, monitor inbound and outbound processing, interface seamlessly with carriers, and make well-informed decisions regarding their orders. This powerful tool enhances customer engagement and streamlines logistics operations, putting you in control of your supply chain like never before.
  • Permission Management: Take control of access permissions like never before. doWarehouse empowers users to manage their access, granting them unparalleled flexibility and administration control.
  • AI and machine learning - doWarehouse employs artificial intelligence, in particular machine learning, to find the optimal storage location for goods received into an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), improving the machine’s efficiency and reducing retrieval times for goods required at goods-to-person pick stations.
  • Data Management Excellence: Embrace data management that adheres to the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability). We excel at every stage of the data management life cycle:
  • Create, Capture & Collect: Effortlessly acquire data through system integration, file imports, and manual data entry.
  • Use: Leverage data for optimised operations, streamlined processes, and data-driven decision-making.
  • Analyse & Share: Access built-in reports and dashboards via the user interface. Our data warehouse facilitates advanced data analysis, visualisation, and integration with external BI tools.