Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing

New benchmarks for processing advertising supplements

Ferag sets new standards in efficiency when it comes to processing advertising inserts for freesheets and weeklies. Whether that involves a main jacket, TapeFix, film wrapped or folded inserts: EasySert and RollSert inserting drums combined with FlyStream precollecting lines are the perfect solutions.

The JetFeeder can process all kinds of advertising brochures and magazines ergonomically and with high precision. An enormous advantage is the repair system, which returns incomplete collections back into circulation and thus guarantees 100% quality.

Our Navigator control software provides a high-performance program package for all kinds of processes. With the aid of tracking and systematic data management, even the smallest details can be followed on-screen using Navigator. With EasySert, for example, inserting and gathering for every region, every town, every street and even every household can be precisely observed and monitored. These possibilities facilitate “guaranteed personalization” and bundle formation according to delivery route sequences.

Systems such as EasySert come with the intuitive Navigator software as standard. For users who want to apply the best production strategy every time, we also recommend the Optimizer add-on. Optimizer is an application within the Navigator control system. At the press of a button it uses several algorithms to calculate within seconds the best production and distribution strategy: which inserts to serve up to which hopper, and when?

Full information required for feeding inserts is displayed by the Ferag Navigator control software to personnel directly at their respective workstations. The highly flexible JetFeeder hoppers are designed for processing collections made up of many inserts with different formats. Inserts are positively guided throughout the mechanical process and always end up as stable bundles.

Ferag systems for direct mailing offer:

  • Maximum performance despite compact design
  • Software support for optimal production and distribution strategy
  • Flexible, robust and ergonomic hoppers
  • Proven and reliable precollecting technology
  • Scalable solutions, simple extensible
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