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Largest Denisort conveyor built to date enables efficient “Sort&Drive”

Ferag has developed an automatic sorting system for postal and parcel distribution centres that brings parcels as close as possible to the delivery vehicles. The heart of the system is a modular Denisort tilting tray sorter, which processes up to 8500 parcels per hour in the tightest of spaces. With 1200 trays and a length of 700 metres, this is the largest Denisort line built to date by the Swiss material handling specialist. The 21-square-metre double chutes integrated on the sorter are another highlight, and are used for loading the parcels into the delivery vehicles.

Denisort system scope:

  • Intake from 6 telescopic conveyors
  • Automatic volume and weight measurements
  • 3 automatic induction to denisort
  • Capacity up to 8'500 parcels/hour
  • 1'200 tilt-trays on 700 m chain
  • 120 distribution circuits with each 4 sectors (total = 480 sectors)
  • 30 cage chutes
  • 60 van loading positions