Denisort Compact

Denisort Compact

Compact and modular vertical sorter

Denisort Compact is a modular vertical sorter designed for the sortation of items with a weight of up to 12 kilograms. Total freedom in configuration and fast installation result in a powerful, compact and flexible system for maximum output on smallest footprint, perfectly tailored for a variety of applications, such as CEP services, e-commerce, retail, B2B and 3PL. The intended purpose of Denisort Compact includes the sortation for dispatch, goods in, returns, cross-docking and restmail.

The vertical sorter Denisort Compact:

  • High sorting performance on smallest footprint
  • Easy to expand
  • Also ideal for bulky, light, round or sensitive products
  • Flexible configuration and utilisation
  • Short installation and commissioning time
  • Simple connection to a higher-level system
  • Ergonomic work places and simple operation
  • Proven and low-maintenance denisort technology
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Denisort Compact
Denisort Compact
Denisort Compact