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Optimal intralogistics solution for Belgian industrial laundry

Swiss company Ferag AG installed its highly flexible Skyfall pouch sorters at Blanchisserie Dumoulin, a laundry in the Belgian border town of Comines-Warneton that primarily specializes in laundering hospital linen. Set to go into operation since autumn 2018, the conveyor and sortation system with more than 12,000 pouch is one of the world’s largest in the industrial laundry sector. The system configuration includes five automatic infeed and delivery stations newly developed by Ferag. They ensure a very high level of automation, as well as increasing overall system efficiency. The Skyfall system handles a daily processing load of more than 20,000 linen sets heat-sealed in plastic film. Each conveyor pouch holds up to eight kilograms.

Challenge / Project goal

  • Automatic loading of pouches for sorting according to customer orders
  • Optimal use of space in existing building
  • High transporting loads (up to 8 kg per shuttle)
  • Daily processing of 20,000 pouches with foil wrapped laundry items

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