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Optimum space utilisation for sorting personalised photo products

The Denisort line that Swiss company Ferag AG implemented in Germering/Munich for CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA, Europe’s leading photo service provider, contributes decisively to optimized order fulfilment. Installed in an existing building with very limited space, this conveyor is the first one in the field to fully exploit the 3D capability of the denisort system. Its trays can tilt to either side for emptying, and then turn upside down for the return stretch four metres up on the ceiling before reverting to normal orientation as they approach the starting point. In addition to the conveyor’s compactness, the Denisort technology’s extremely quiet operation was crucial for this Ferag customer: it spares the ears and nerves of CEWE employees working in the hall. 

Challenge / Project goal

  • Optimization of the automatic sorting process
  • Handling of different article sizes and shapes
  • Guarantee of process safety
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Optimized use of available space in existing building

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