Efficient storage between work processes

Innovative intermediate storage and buffer systems from Ferag enable optimum material flow in goods warehousing, storage, retrieval and transfer. Buffering components between two work processes running at different speeds, and intermediate storage in general, are among Ferag’s great strengths. Partial decoupling of interlinked processes allows for elimination of faults and compensates pace differences between processing cycles. This ensures a continuous work process with no disturbance to steady material flow even at varying output speeds. In addition, with Ferag buffer solutions you achieve higher goods availability. Thanks to automated intermediate storage, you can prevent repeated processing of goods and thus achieve a more efficient process. Storage is also space- and energy-saving, and scalable according to production requirements.

With our innovative Skyfall overhead conveyor system, this can be done optimally under the ceiling of a building without taking up floor space. Denisort and Deniway, our classic conveyor and sorting solutions that provide intermediate storage on a seamless circuit, are also used as buffer solutions.

Buffering and accumulating with Ferag systems

  • Increased efficiency in material flow
  • Achieve high availability of goods and merchandise
  • Scalable solutions, simple extensible
  • Flexible adaptation to the application
  • Compensate pace differences between processing cycles
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