Denisort Compact now with application-specific loading across multiple trays
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Denisort Compact now with application-specific loading across multiple trays


Swiss company Ferag AG is now offering its modular Denisort Compact vertical sorter in a version with an end-to-end tray carpet for processing up to 10,000 units per hour. The trays are lined up in close proximity to each other and come in the standard tray size of 650 by 450 millimetres as before. However, they now have a particularly low edge and special support points at the front and rear, meaning they can carry a wider range of conveyed goods without any issues – including round and cylindrical parcels of up to 900 millimetres in length. This design facilitates automatic loading of the sorting system as each tray combination can be used as single, double or even triple trays depending on the application.

The use of a double tray has often proved useful on the classic Denisort system, for example in 3PL or CEP applications where bulky parcels and freight items have to be sorted. However, in this case an exact definition of which trays are combined to form a double tray is necessary depending on the layout. This is not the case on the smaller Denisort Compact system, as neither bends nor inclinations are seen on this version of the tilting tray sorter. As a result, the Ferag engineers were able to go one step further and design the trays so that they form an end-to-end tray carpet.

This modification – which is offered by Ferag to all its customers as an additional option – brings with it decisive advantages in order fulfilment applications in particular, with the sequence of single or double loading freely selectable. The user is able to optimally sort a wide variety of parcels with various different dimensions and shapes in any order on a single system, irrespective of whether the goods are packed in boxes or polybags. An automatic infeed station can also be connected much more easily when using the new Denisort Compact version. The reason for this is clear, as the system no longer has to identify each double tray as such but can now utilize all tray combinations.

Denisort Compact has established itself at many e-commerce companies that require flexible technology in order to rapidly increase their sorting capacities in incoming goods, outbound applications or in returns management. With its latest innovation, Ferag has equipped the system optimally for the future, with an increasing number of customers ordering the modular vertical sorter from Switzerland’s Zürcher Oberland in combination with an automatic infeed station.