Mobile vertical sorter saves space and adds flexibility



For flexibility, the new denisort compact vertical sorter, which premiered at the LogiMAT 2019, is hard to beat. This mobile system from Swiss materials handling specialist Ferag features a very compact basic design and is ideal for sorting goods weighing up to seven kilograms. Hence, it is perfect for CEP services, 3PL and e-commerce users looking for a sorting machine to increase throughput at peak times or to expand the ramp-up of their baseline system. Configurable for a throughput of up to 4,800 units per hour, the system is also just right for processing returns.

Based on proven denisort technology, the new denisort compact system offers the benefits of tilt-tray and slide-tray sorters as an integrated solution. Ferag has also designed the chutes at the feed-out points so that sorted goods slide out gently and undamaged. Which is to say: problem-free handling even of fragile products such as electronic modules and glass medicine vials. The same is true for sorting strapped and tied bundles weighing up to seven kilograms – the compact system is a natural for such tasks. The standard tray size is 650 by 450 millimetres.

A great advantage for users is the high flexibility of the system: with its modular design and stable, self-supporting frame with supplied attachable rollers it is easily movable from one location to another without much trouble. A high degree of scalability is also ensured thanks to Ferag’s consistently modular system. denisort compact customers can choose from the outset how many standard modules they want: the sorting machine can be ordered with two, four or six manual infeed stations as required. The Swiss also offer the option of up to 22 feed-out points with the chutes previously mentioned. If user requirements grow, the mobile conveyor can also be expanded later and the desired elements retrofitted at short notice.


Great interest in the denisort compact at the LogiMAT 2019.

Further plus points of the denisort compact system are its comparatively short set-up time and rapid commissioning. Simple, static sorting uses a definition file loaded onto the denisort compact controller. For dynamic sorting assignments, the vertical sorter is easily connected to a higher-level system environment (WMS/WHC). Items for sorting are identified automatically using a barcode reader or suitable camera. Although the standard conveyor is designed for manual loading, articles and packages to be sorted can also be fed into the tray via an automatic infeed belt.

Impressions from the Ferag stand at the LogiMAT 2019: