Plate chain conveyor now even more  robust and easy to install
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Plate chain conveyor now even more robust and easy to install


Swiss company Ferag AG is equipping the new generation of the successful plate chain conveyor Easychain with an even more robust chain based on the one seen on its “big brother” Deniway. Thanks to numerous other technical improvements, the time needed for installing the system – which is used in the healthcare sector, in pharmaceutical production and for manufacturing foodstuffs, among others – can be significantly reduced. At the same time, all of the decisive benefits of the tried-and-tested Ferag product remain as before, meaning Easychain still forms one of the most efficient interfaces between upstream production and palletizers currently available on the market.

Above all, Easychain is the perfect solution for transporting light goods of up to 20 kilograms per linear metre of conveyor section. In the production facilities at customers such as Nestlé, Mondelez or AstraZeneca, the Ferag technology forms the reliable transport interface between  first and second packaging and the end of line, and all around the clock and with almost no maintenance required. When the next weight class of up to 50 kilograms comes into play, this task is taken over by the Deniway system. In contrast to its “big brother”, much tighter curve radii and more densely packed layouts can be implemented with Easychain. Furthermore, the lighter system (16 kilograms per linear metre of installed conveyor) also has far lower demands in terms of statics when installed under the ceiling or on the wall. At the same time, the drives are also significantly smaller. These do not have to be positioned separately, but can instead be placed on the chain channel with the minimum of effort – thus also ensuring easy maintenance. Only one drive is needed per 60 metres of line, which has a positive effect on operating and service costs. When helices with a height of more than five metres are used for conveying to higher levels, additional drives are required on the system.

As before, the completely new chain developed for the next Easychain generation has lifetime lubrication. It is designed for operation spanning decades without noticeable wear. As installation times have been significantly reduced thanks to greater standardization, Ferag has further increased the chances of success for this proven system. The revised plastic panels – for which the Swiss materials handling specialist had new tools developed – again show the typical Easychain design in yellow and black. This means that the Ferag product remains instantly identifiable.