High speeds, absolute reliability and flexible technology

Ferag is specialized in innovative conveyor and processing technology and for over 65 years has been regarded as the world market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of postpress processing systems. Mailroom systems for small and large circulations are our core competence. From consulting to concept development to implementation, Ferag offers total solutions from a single source. High-speed systems for industrial newspaper processing belong just as much to Ferag’s portfolio as print product finishing solutions.

Ferag technology with its consistently implemented rotary principle guarantees maximum reliability at speeds of up to 50,000 newspaper copies per hour. This enables time-optimized online production directly from the press as well as decoupling the production steps of printing and finishing with the aid of MultiDisc dynamic buffer and storage technology.

Ferag offers the optimum mailroom technology for supplementing a newspaper with up to 40 different inserts, hassle-free. Inserting drums, precollecting lines with a unique repair function and the highly flexible JetFeeder hoppers are designed for processing large collections of inserts with different formats.

Our technology – with paced conveyors consisting of single grippers and the processing stations, which can also feed newspaper copies or inserts to individual compartments and grippers – enables individualization of insert collections and thus of every single end product. Thanks to reference gripper technology, each newspaper copy can be specifically addressed and tracked. Ferag software solutions facilitate “guaranteed personalization” and bundle formation according to delivery route sequences.

Added value comes from numerous Ferag developments for inline finishing such as the StreamStitch stitching drum, the SNT-50 trimming drum, the TriLiner for applying MemoSticks and cards, and the StreamFold quarterfold system. These do more than simply expand the possibilities and the portfolio, they are tailored to one another in such a way that the flexibility of the production plants and the associated product portfolio grows exponentially.

Ferag systems for the newspaper industry offer:

  • Space-optimized finishing and mailroom installations
  • Proven, reliable, low-maintenance technology
  • Scalable solutions, simple extensibility
  • Robust and long-lasting design
  • High investment security
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