Control System

Control System

Versatile control and monitoring system for high system availability

Growing digitalization in production and logistics means that software is becoming ever more paramount in the design and manufacture of machines and systems, thus constantly driving up their efficiency. Control and monitoring of such systems therefore becomes increasingly complex. That requires experts. And so we have developed in-house a proprietary management and process control system for our innovative conveyor and sorting systems. It includes modules covering every tier of the automation pyramid, from the singular field level to plant management. Furthermore, those modules are easily customizable and expandable. Thus, the application meets every functionality required to integrate a Ferag conveyor system perfectly into upstream and downstream processes and to operate it safely and reliably.

We program process management and control systems in-house for every system element concerned. Those include our intelligent material flow computer (MFC) for optimum order processing, as well as redundant, highly available inventory management. Integration with an existing warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS) or other peripheral systems is assured using a customized adaptable interface. Users benefit from user interfaces tailored for various user groups as well as high software quality thanks to the use of emulators (digital twin). Simulation of complex material flow processes to verify the system concept rounds off our comprehensive range of control and monitoring systems. Remote support with preventive maintenance to ensure the highest possible system availability comes as standard.

The Ferag control system:

  • Safety and high system availability
  • Easy integration with an existing ERP system
  • Control and software architecture optimally matched to the system
  • Control system and conveyor technology from a single source
  • Customized user interfaces
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